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Shannon Gets 'Outrun an Ambulance' to the Starting Line ...
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Shannon - South Western Ambulance Service

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"When the Covid pandemic hit I had to shield, coming off the emergency front-line ambulance work due to being on immune-suppressive medications. I was given the great opportunity to work for the South Western Ambulance Charity, where I worked on projects that brought communities together through providing opportunities to improve community clinical care.  

Extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me to work for South Western Ambulance Service Charity, I wanted to help as much as possible to raise money and raise the charity's profile. To help to accomplish this I created 'Outrun an Ambulance' - a virtual challenge where participants have to 'outrun' the mileage that an average ambulance from a chosen station covers in a shift + 1 extra mile. The added mile emphasises that the South Western Ambulance Charity 'goes the extra mile' for the exceptional people, volunteer heroes and communities served by the South Western Ambulance Service.

Seeing as it was my idea, I thought best to lead by example and take the challenge on myself. And so, over a period of 3 months, as a family, we outran a total of 9 ambulances and covered 550 miles, raising over £500! 

We went through a considerable amount of trainers and so as an absolute 'sneaker head' it was only right that I designed and painted up a pair to compliment the challenge, although these ones remain unworn and for display only!

I really do support the work of the South Western Ambulance Charity and am extremely grateful for the many miles all the ambulances cover each shift, which shows just how busy and hardworking front-line crews are. This couldn't be more true as they have been working in such difficult, unprecedented and challenging times.

In 2022 the 'Outrun An Ambulance' challenge has become a national fundraising campaign. 6 other ambulance services across the UK are collaboratively working together to promote and deliver it.

I decided once again to take the challenge on. Ironically, I signed up for the event on 08.07.2022, on International Paramedic’s Day!" 
If you have been inspired by Shannon and would like to find out more or take part yourself then visit Outrun An Ambulance and sign up. 

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