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Bristol Brownies Learn Lifesaving Lessons

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Head of Charity, Zoe Larter, recently visited the 1st Long Ashton Brownie pack near Bristol, part of the Wraxall Division Girl Guides. She was there to help introduce them to some lifesaving skills including how to put someone in the recovery position, how to call for an ambulance and how to do CPR chest compressions. They were also taught the importance of knowing their home address.

Zoe was joined by two volunteer Community First Responders, Mat and Ed, as well as Jon from the South Western Ambulance Service who brought an ambulance for the girls to encounter. They were particularly interested to see how the rear tail lift helps to get patients on and off the ambulance and to find out what equipment there is inside.

Thanks to training equipment funded by our Charity, the Brownies were able to play a game that shows how effective their CPR chest compressions are. As the participants give CPR chest compressions to a manikin their efforts move a digital ambulance on the iPad from the start line towards the finish line, racing against the other players. The most effective CPR, with the right timing and pressure, gets their ambulance across the finish line first. Serious skills and serious fun! 

At the end of the evening Zoe, Mat, Ed and Jon were rewarded for all their efforts when they received their First Aid badges!

Zoe said "Well, the last Brownie badge I got was in the late 1980s! I cannot thank Mat, Jon and Ed enough for coming along, in their own time, to teach the girls life saving skills. You really are all amazing!"


There were also some lovely messages from from the Brownies and their families, including; 

"Thank you so much for organising! (Name of Brownie) has been putting us in the recovery position this evening". 

"(Name of Brownie) love it! Thank you, She says she wants to be a nurse now. Thanks for organising it".

"Wow, this looks great, (Name of Brownie) has been teaching us how to perform CPR. Thank you all".

"(Name of Brownie) came home and put us in the recovery position, What a great evening for the girls. Thank you to all who helped". 


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