Supporting our exceptional people

With around 5,000 staff and 1,000 volunteers working within the South Western Ambulance Service, it is important that each and every individual has access to a comprehensive range of help and support services, when they need it most.


The Staying Well Service provides our staff and volunteers with access to multiple sources of help and support with their physical and mental health and wellbeing – just one call or email away. The importance of having a confidential lifeline for those people who are, by the very nature of the work they do, often exposed to traumatic and disturbing events, cannot be underestimated.

As an NHS Charity we are able to 'go the extra mile' to fund enhancements to existing provision, responding to the welfare needs of our workforce, as they in turn respond to the urgent and emergency healthcare needs of the communities we serve.

From specialist counselling and physical therapy sessions to cups of tea and treats, and from training bursaries to quiet spaces, we 'go the extra mile' to support our exceptional people.   

Support our exceptional people.


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