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Family Commitment to Outrunning an Ambulance

As our Outrun an Ambulance fundraising challenge is well underway for 2022, we took time out to catch up with Tess who successfully completed the Outrun an Ambulance challenge in 2021. This is Tess's story ...

"By taking part in Outrun An Ambulance I was able to raise over £300 with the generosity of family and friends. I believe people were so generous as they appreciate the work of all ambulance staff, especially over the last few years. I ran and cycled over 90 miles, the Yeovil ambulance average distance, as this is the station my husband Tim works out of.


I am extremely proud of Tim and the work he does. Having seen some of  the emotional, mental and physical impact that working for the ambulance service has had upon I am pleased to have been able to raise this money in order to help him and his colleagues with whatever they need the charity to provide to make their day a little easier.


Although I do all I can to support my husband, the money raised by myself and all others taking part in, or sponsoring someone to,  'Outrun an ambulance'  will hopefully in some way show our appreciation of their work. 


I enjoyed the challenge, which also helped with my personal physical and mental health and I would encourage anyone to pick an ambulance and see if you can outrun (or cycle or walk) it and raise some money to support those who dedicate their time to caring for us in our moment of need."


In response to her efforts and these wonderful words, her husband Tim, a serving member of the South Western Ambulance Service added; 


"Without Tess’s support I simply would have not survived 17 years in the ambulance service. She puts up with me not being there at times when she needs me. She puts up with me when I am tired and grumpy and she puts up with me when she feels like she has to look after 3 children rather than 2!!!


On top of her job and keeping our family on the straight and narrow Tess also managed to outrun a Yeovil ambulance and raise over £300 which is amazing.  This money can be used to help our crews in an ever increasing number of ways and I am incredibly proud of her achievement!"

We are very proud of both Tess and Tim! Thank you to them both for sharing their story. 

If this has inspired you to join in, sign up for the Outrun an Ambulance fundraising challenge at or get in touch with any other fundraising ideas you may have. 

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