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Join a national outpouring of love for the NHS with an NHS Big Tea Party

Celebrate the 75th birthday of the NHS by joining the nation’s biggest tea party on or around Wednesday 5th July 2023. Get the date in your diary now and await the next NHS Big Tea launch later in 2023.  


Host an NHS Big Tea par-tea with your favourite Brew Crew and have a tea-fuelled fundraiser in support of the South Western Ambulance Charity. 


Your NHS Big Tea party can be at home or work, in a school or nursery, with community, friends or family, or ask the golf club to Tee Off for the NHS Big Tea!


Just get together and 'spill the tea' (modern day speak for having a chat or a gossip!). 


THANK YOU to everyone who held an NHS Big Tea Party in 2022 ... the 2023 NHS Big Tea plans will be coming soon. 

To discuss your plans (or swap recipes) call us on 0300 369 0108 / 07825 853630 or email  

"An NHS Big Tea event is the perfect opportunity to get together with your 'Brew Crew' to show your appreciation for the NHS heroes that continue to work tirelessly to look after us all.

Every cuppa makes a difference!"

Louise Walsh, Charity Fundraising Manager 

EASY as 1, 2, Tea!

(1) SIGN UP - set up your JustGiving page to get your donations pouring in. 

(2) PLAN YOUR PARTY - Name the date, then gather your Brew Crew by getting your posters up or your invites out. 

(3) GET THE KETTLE ON - Enjoy the big day celebrating 74 years of the wonderful NHS. Put your decorations up, pop out your buns and biscuits, and keep the tea and donations flowing. Add a big splosh of chatter and enjoy! 

(4) COUNT YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS - Time to count up your donations. Most donations should be made via your JustGiving page but any cash can now be added up, paid into your bank and then donated on to your JustGiving page. Well done! 

(5) POST YOUR PICS - We're looking forward to mouth-watering pictures of super scones and sandwiches, colourful cakes and tea tribes with teacups raised to the NHS. Post your pics on your social media and don't forget to tag us #swambulancecharity #NHSBigTea .

Everything You Need

To get this tea-riffic par-tea started, there are lots of resources that have been made for you. You may want to use all, some or none of them - it's up to you.


Downloadable resources from NHS Charities Together are available from the NHS Big Tea JustGiving website. These are designed for every NHS charity to use and include; a Welcome Guide, Invite Poster, Thank You Poster, Paying-In Form, Teapot Centrepiece, Fundraising Game, Make Your Own Bunting, Coasters, Food Cards, Place Name Cards and Signs. There are also images you can download and share in social media posts. Phew! Quite a lot of resources on offer, but take a look to see what is useful to you.

South Western Ambulance Charity Resources 

Some downloadable resources link your NHS Big Tea Party to supporting the South Western Ambulance Charity specifically:

 - A 'Come Sip With Me' poster for hosts to invite others to join them. 

 - A donations collection and paying in form. 

 - A 'Cheers Ma'Dears' thank you poster to celebrate the fundraising achieved. 


TOP TIP: collecting donations is simple if you ask for all donations to be made via your JustGiving site. 


Any further questions? Check out the NHS Big Tea FAQS or get in touch.  

'Come Sip With Me' host invitation poster

Donations Paying In Form

'Cheers Ma'Dears thank you poster

Make a one-off or regular donation

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Carry out a fundraising event

Carry out a fundraising event

Volunteer for us

Volunteer for us
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