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Race to the King


Dave Partlow is a Consultant Paramedic for the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.  On the 23rd June 2018 Dave undertook the 'Race to the King', a grueling double marathon along the South Downs Way.  The route followed an ancient path along a ridge of chalk hills and passes numerous historical sites, taking Dave through some of the UK's most beautiful countryside.

Before the race Dave spoke of his intention to make the run even more ambitious:

"After 22 years' service and turning 50 this year I really should know better!  You can do the run over two days but I hope to run it straight through in around 13 hours."

Unfortunately, the race day fell during one of the longest and hottest spells the UK has seen for many years.  Dave says:

"The heat was a real issue.  I got to 39 miles and had to pull out due to heat stroke.  I had to be sensible so it turned into a marathon and a half rather than two marathons."

We think Dave is an absolute hero and we thank him for raising almost £500 for the South Western Ambulance Charity.

Race to the King Dave Partlow

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