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Sky Dive - 2nd March 2019

Nicky and Sally's story:

“In September last year a friend and colleague of ours, Ceri, was seriously injured in an accident on the M5 and sadly she also lost her husband in the same accident.


We work for a GP Practice in Wells and the accident hit us all really hard so we decided that something positive should come out of it and the whole team met to discuss ways in which we could help.


We spoke to Ceri and asked her who she wanted us to raise money for, as so many people helped her on the day and she received amazing care in the weeks following.


She was full of praise for the way The South Western Ambulance Service looked after her so fundraising for them, because of her, gave us the drive to go ahead and organize a tandem skydive!


We knew it had to be something amazing and crazy to encourage people to give as much money as possible!


We are very proud of ourselves for going through with this (as we are both over 50) but more so because it was for such a worthy cause.”


We are immensely proud of Nicky and Sally too for carrying out such a fantastic challenge and for their support of their friend Ceri.  Between the two of them Nicky and Sally have raised over £3,000 for the South Western Ambulance Charity - thank you so much to everyone who supported them! 

Every donation makes such a difference and stories like this one show the impact that the Ambulance Service and the NHS has on our communities. 

If you, or someone you know, would like to carry out a fundraising event to raise money for the South Western Ambulance Charity please do get in touch by email ( or call us to discuss your idea on 0300 3690108. 

Thank you Nicky and Sally!  Your support will help us to go the extra mile for our staff, volunteers and the communities we serve.

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