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Bath Half Marathon 2019

Ellie’s story:

“On 1st May 2018 I took a phone call that no wife wants to receive. My husband of 8 years, partner of 16 years and father of my two children, had been involved in an accident at work. I was told there was an explosion and he was going to be transferred to Southmead hospital. So many thoughts went through my mind but my priority was to get to him.


I can honestly say that what I saw was not what I expected. My husband's face was covered with a white face mask, not unlike the one I had in our bathroom cabinet for cosmetic purposes! When it came off, although he was burned, it was not that bad.


He was seen to by an amazing set of people and got the care and attention he needed quickly.


As a result of the amazing attention received, only a week on the results to his face were amazing and now 8 months on, you would never know my husband has received burns to his face.


As a thank you, I am running my first ever half marathon and all monies raised will go to both the South Western Ambulance Charity and the Southmead Hospital Charity - who together provided the great care to my husband. Having only ever ran as far as 10K this will be quite a challenge for me.“


Ellie completed the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 17th March in an amazing time of 2 hours and 34 minutes.  Ellie has raised over £150 for these two great causes and is continuing to fundraise to reach her target of £200.

Every donation makes such a difference and stories like this one show the impact that the Ambulance Service and the NHS has on our communities. 

If you, or someone you know, would like to carry out a fundraising event to raise money for the South Western Ambulance Charity please do get in touch by email ( or call us to discuss your idea on 0300 3690108. 

Thank you Ellie, your support will help us to go the extra mile for our staff, volunteers and the communities we serve.

Ellie (right) with her friends after completing the Bath Half Marathon in 2 hours 34 minutes.


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