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Bristol Area Cardiac Support Assist Emergency Lifting Chair Campaign


Patients in the Bristol area are being promised even better emergency care after the South Western Ambulance Charity received a significant donation for two local Community First Responder groups.


The Bristol Area Cardiac Support charity has kindly donated two Raizer Lifting Chairs to the South Western Ambulance Charity, enabling the Chew Stoke and Yatton Community First Responders to assist patients who have experienced a non-injury fall.


Community First Responders volunteer within the communities in which they live and work, providing emergency aid to patients early and ahead of ambulance arrival.  The South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is supported by over 800 Community First Responders, attending over 40,000 incidents each year – helping to save lives, reduce pain and provide reassurance to those requiring emergency care.


Equipping a Community First Responder with an emergency lifting chair will enable early assistance to a patient who has experienced a non-injury fall, and reduce potential complications associated with long lies. This will also help ensure the most appropriate allocation of emergency services resources.


The donation was facilitated by Rae Care, a SWASFT Governor and trustee of Bristol Area Cardiac Support:


“Bristol Area Cardiac Support is delighted to once again support SWASFT and the South Western Ambulance Charity’s Emergency Lifting Chair campaign. 


The Bristol Area Cardiac Support Group charity has been running for 27 years and has donated goods totalling almost £600,000 to NHS charities, hospitals, GP practices and the Air Ambulance. 


Previously we have supported SWASFT by providing £25,000 worth of defibrillators and we are so pleased to donate these lifting chairs to enable two Bristol-based Community First Responder groups to attend patients who have experienced a non-injury fall.”


Rae Care 2.jpg

Rich Buckley, SWASFT Responder Manager said:


“We are so grateful for the donation of two emergency lifting chairs from Bristol Area Cardiac Support which will enable us to further support the local community in a robust and safe way.


“These chairs will enable our volunteer heroes to go the extra mile for the communities we serve on behalf of the South Western Ambulance Service”

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