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The extra mile

March 2020

Discounted Will writing service

In 2018, the Independent reported:


"Nearly two thirds of adults in the UK have not prepared a will, meaning that their possessions, money, property, and even dependent children could be left with someone they have not chosen."


​Making a Will ensures that when you die, your estate is dealt with according to your wishes. With effective planning, a Will can also make sure your loved ones are also provided for in a tax-efficient way.


​We are grateful to Irwin Mitchell solicitors for offering supporters of the South Western Ambulance Charity a discounted will writing service.


Visit for more information and to download our Will writing guide.


​If you are thinking about writing your will then please get in touch with the excellent team at Irwin Mitchell at  Just mention that you are enquiring about the South Western Ambulance Charity will writing service to benefit from their discounted pricing.


For every will written using this service, Irwin Mitchell will make a donation to the South Western Ambulance Charity.


Irwin Mitchell are also offering free lifetime storage of your will for the first 50 customers of this discounted service.

Discounted will writing service

There is no obligation to include the South Western Ambulance Charity in your will in order to take advantage of this discounted service but we would love it if you do!


​If you are an employee of the South Western Ambulance Service and a member of Unison you can get a free Will writing service from Thompsons.  For more information please contact your local representative or email Charlotte (

If you have any questions please contact us at or call us on 0300 3690108.

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