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The extra mile

March 2020

Going the extra mile for our volunteer heroes

A huge well done goes to volunteer Community First Responders, Stacey Colwill and Matthew Burrows, for passing their C1 driving tests, a key element of the process required to become an Emergency Care Assistant (ECA) for the South Western Ambulance Service.


Stacey and Matthew were awarded a full bursary from the South Western Ambulance Charity to fund the cost of the C1 driving test.

Stacey Colwill

“I can’t thank the South Western Ambulance Charity enough for enabling me to undertake my C1 driving test. I couldn’t have done this without their support. I am so excited to be one step closer to my dream of helping my local communities as an ECA within the South Western Ambulance Service.”

Stacey Colwill
Matthew Burrows

Matthew Burrows

“Bursaries are invaluable – This funding opened a door which I couldn’t open. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the charity bursary.”


Congratulations Stacey and Matthew! We wish you all the very best for you careers with the South Western Ambulance Service.

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