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Weymouth Cycle Response Unit

The South Western Ambulance Charity would like to give their grateful thanks to Bill Gregory who has donated £1,000 to the charity to support the Trust’s Cycle Response Unit (CRU) in West Dorset.


Bill has often seen Trust paramedic Ian Hutchinson operational on his bike during the summer months and wanted to show his support for the CRU scheme.


Matt Care, Operations Officer for SWASFT based in Dorset, says of the Cycle Response Unit:


“I would like to thank Bill for his generous donation to the South Western Ambulance Charity for use by the Cycle Response Unit.  Our Trust has operated Cycle Response Units (CRU) since the first one commenced in Weymouth, Dorset in 2000.  These resources operate in addition to core resourcing, to respond to the transient increase in population due to tourism and the resulting increase in demand on the Trust within a specific geographic area.  They are often able to access pedestrianized areas which other vehicles cannot, ensuring a rapid response to patients within urban areas.  CRUs are tasked to all categories of incidents, and are able to maintain a high ‘See and Treat’ rate by either treating a patient on-scene, or utilising local referral pathways including Urgent Treatment Centres, instead of conveying patients to an Emergency Department.”

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