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Derriford Quiet Room

The South Western Ambulance Charity has been delighted to support the development of a Quiet Room for staff at Derriford Ambulance Station.


The Quiet Room is used as a place for staff to go when they feel they need some quiet time; for example, following a distressing incident.


The room is also used for one to one peer support from our peer supporter, Rory Haddock.  Rory is a very talented artist who has kindly painted a bespoke painting for the room.  Rory says of his painting:


“My thought process behind this picture was to create something a little ambiguous, a calming scene and not too busy but with some detail if people want to look for it.


Of course I thought a seascape appropriate for our area and perhaps something that will resonate with many.


I hope that colleagues using the quiet room can enjoy it for a long time to come and maybe pick up some paint brushes, a pack of clay or whatever media appeals to them and try for themselves.


As I use art as one of my own means to relax, an informal therapy for myself it is important to remember that the journey is the point not the destination.”


Thank you so much to everyone involved in the development of the Derriford Quiet room and to Rory for the generous donation of his painting.


Photo: Rory Haddock (left) with Kevin McSherry (County Commander South & West Devon)


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